Hello and welcome to my site dedicated to my love for music and fondness for the instrument known as the Native American style flute, or NAF for short.
I began transcribing my favourite pieces of music into finger diagram tablature for my own pleasure, but share them here in the hopes that other players and enthusiasts will enjoy them too. You can find a full list of available pieces in the Tablature Index linked above, or search the site with the box below.

Happy fluting! :)


Last update: 1st January 2017
Happy New Year, fluting friends! At last I can relax…Christmas is over and my ‘to upload’ folder on my laptop is empty at last, whew! I hope you enjoyed the several pieces uploaded to the site throughout December up to this very day, ending with Westworld’s main title theme.
Looking back at my little site, I feel quite proud. I have a grand total of 53 pieces of music transcribed, tabbed and uploaded. Fifty-three! I was aware I was drawing close to the big five-oh, but it’s nice to have finally achieved it. I certainly didn’t think I’d ever get this far when I started! I wonder if someday in the future, I’ll reach 100…? Dare to dream! :)
I have ideas brewing for future tablature – I’ve got some scribbled down in my notebook already! – but would like to do some housekeeping and make sure everything is in order before forging ahead. There are some pieces already uploaded here that I’d like to go back, revise and add lyrics to, and I’m re-thinking the site’s layout too. I’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime, have a great 2017!
Much love,