Gladiator – Earth

PDF File Download: Gladiator – Earth NAF Tab

Original Composers: Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

Technical notes: Requires half-holing on the bottom note, plus one upper octave note. Play on an NAF in the key of A if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: Earth is one of my favourite pieces of music to listen to for relaxation – it’s very steady, gentle and soothing.

On Playing: The first section is repeated twice, played softly and steadily. I’ve omitted the lowest notes as they’re just not reachable, so hold one of the others for an extra beat or two or gloss it over by playing them twice or adding an accent.
The second section is where we get a key jump to the trumpets in the original track, so you might wish to accent this section by choosing a different key of flute. Again, I had to omit the next couple of phrases as they just go too low to fit in on the flute, so you could fill in by just repeating these two again if you wish.
The last section is a beautiful rendition of the recognizable melody from Now We Are Free, again played very in keeping with the gentle feel of the track and back to the same key as we started in.

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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