Sherlock – Opening Theme

PDF File Download: Sherlock – Title Theme NAF Tab

Original Composers: David Arnold and Michael Price

Technical notes: Requires use of cross-fingering, half-holing and an upper octave note. Play on an NAF in the key of D if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: Though short at just 39 seconds long, the title theme to the hugely popular Sherlock is instantly recognizable for fans. I’d like to give thanks to the lovely lady known online as ViolinistBAKA for her transcription of the theme; having some sheet music to work from makes tabbing a piece of music for NAF so much easier!

On Playing: Starts off on the half-hole, so you can set yourself up nicely. The second half hole is at the end of the second line, played immediately after the note above it so it’ll be easy to just roll your finger down a little and hit it. A lot of the notes are held for a couple of bars, so practice your breath control to keep them going. Otherwise, it’s a very simple piece to play.

Listen to the theme on YouTube:


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