The Tudors – Main Title Theme

PDF File Download: The Tudors – Main Title NAF Tab

Original Composer: Trevor Morris

Technical notes: Requires extensive use of cross-fingering, and half-holing on the bottom hole. Play on an NAF in the key of G if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: The opening theme to all four seasons of the fantastic TV series The Tudors. The opening theme undergoes some slightly different arrangements between seasons, but you’ll easily be able to adapt it if you happen to prefer another version; I tabbed this from the season one opening credits.

On Playing: The cross fingerings jump around a lot in this piece, so you’re going to want to practice it really slowly at first and get used to where your fingers need to be landing. Half holing also features extensively – it’s not so bad in the first section where you can ‘roll’ up to it from the closed bottom hole, but in the second section it’s quite a leap from the cross fingering down to it. Tricky, but such a beautiful piece of music it’s worth it!

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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