Final Fantasy VI – Forever Rachel

PDF File Download: Final Fantasy VI – Forever Rachel

Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Technical notes: Requires use of cross-fingering, half-holing and an upper octave note. Play on an NAF in the key of C if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: A rather beautiful and sad theme that accompanies scenes revealing the tragic past of one of the main characters, Locke, and his lost love Rachel. The theme is almost the same as his own but is played slower and with some notes replaced to give it a much more minor sound. The tablature covers just the main part of the track, starting from 0.26 and running to 1.17 as the ‘intro’ before it was just too awkward to play.

On Playing: Your most difficult part will be the jump from the first note (top three holes closed) to the second (all holes covered, bottom is half-holed) which may present some difficulty to those not yet comfortable with the technique. A good cheat is to drop down to cover all the holes completely and rapidly roll your bottom finger up a shade to achieve the half-hole, at least until you’ve built up the muscle memory to hit it straight off. I had to omit a note from the second line which drops below the range of the NAF; it’s easy enough just to hold that half-holed note for a beat extra to ‘cover up’ the gap.

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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