Devil May Cry 4 – Out of Darkness

PDF File Download: Devil May Cry 4 – Out of Darkness NAF Tab

Original Composer: Tetsuya Shibata, sang by Aubrey Ashburn.

Technical notes: Requires use of cross-fingering, half-holing and an upper octave note. Lots of jumps between notes.

About: This beautiful song plays during the opening cut scene of the game as we see the main character Nero hurrying to reach the headquarters of the Order of the Sword where his love interest, Kyrie, is performing the song as part of the opening ceremony. He is hampered by the appearance of several demons, but manages to battle his way through them just in time for the ending of her song.

On Playing: I just adore this beautiful song, and was so pleased it transcribed to the NAF so well! The most commonly used cross fingering in this piece is all holes closed with second from the bottom open (xox xxx>) so practice that one a while if you’re not used to it yet (…you will be by the time you finish this one!) There are quite a lot of big jumps between notes, so control your breath carefully as you leap between the highs and the lows.

The two sections on the first page are the first two verses (Listen to my voice…/With the wind you go…) – mind the variation in lines two and four between them. The first section on the second page is the bridge part (The light in your eyes…) before we return back to the melody of the verse for the last section. At the very end of the song, Aubrey hits the most gorgeous, pure high note on the last repeat of ‘on him’ which the NAF in it’s limited range just can’t reach, so I had to transpose it down to fit – but it still creates a nice conclusion to the song.

The video below shows the opening cut scene; turning the subtitles on will show the lyrics. I’ve also included the lyrics below the video in full.

Listen to the track on YouTube:

Listen to my voice calling you,
Calling you out of darkness.
Hear the devil’s cry of sin,
Always turn your back on him.

With the wind you go,
Still I dream of your spirit leading you back home.
I will give my gifts to you,
Grow your garden, watch it bloom.

The light in your eyes an angel up high,
Fighting to ease the shadow side.
Hearts will grow though having to bend,
Leaving behind all things in the end.

Listen to my voice calling you,
Calling you out of darkness.
Hear the devil’s cry of sin,
Always turn your back on him.


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