Spirited Away – Always with Me

PDF File Download: Spirited Away – Always With Me NAF Tab

Original Composer: Yumi Kimura

Technical notes: Requires use of two cross-fingerings, half-holing and an upper octave note, as well as being very fluid and fairly swift.

About: This sweet and gentle song was both composed and sang by Yumi Kimura for perhaps Studio Ghibli’s most famous animated film, Spirited Away. It acts as the theme of Sen (Chihiro), the protagonist of the film, and is heard during the end credits. Nausicaa.net’s wonderful page contains information on the artist with the original Japanese lyrics shown, plus an English translation.

On Playing: You might find this song a little tricky to play well, but it’s worth it! The two cross fingerings aren’t too complex (the first is just the two uppermost holes covered, the second is all holes covered bar the second from the bottom) and the high note is the first on the upper register. The half-hole is on the lowermost note.

None of these things on their own are too much trouble, but coupled with the fact there are quite a lot of jumps around the fingerings (hope your breath control is good!) and that the notes occur in very quick succession, you may find it frustrating at first; my advice, as always, is to slow it right down, tackle just a small chunk at a time and build your way up from there.

The first two segments are the verses, with the segment thereafter (plus where it continues onto a second page) the chorus.

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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