Ron Korb – Fields of Home

PDF File Download: Ron Korb – Fields of Home NAF Tab

Original Composer: Ron Korb

Technical notes: Half-holing required on the bottom hole, one upper octave note. Play on an NAF in the key of E if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: This pretty little song was included on Ron’s 2007 album Behind the Mask. I stumbled across him on Youtube one day whilst listening to flute players and loved it’s happy melody. Ron plays it on a Chinese dizi flute, accompanied by another traditional Chinese instument, the ehru, but the main portion translates nicely on to NAF. The rest of the song extends beyond the reach of our instrument, so is not included in the tab.

I did email Rob through his website several months ago stating my wish to transcribe his song and share it and asked if he’d mind, but alas, never heard any reply to my message. I can’t imagine there would be any issue as I’m not turning any profit from this – I just want to share the joy of the music with other flute players! – but if any objection should be raised I will of course respect Rob’s wishes if he’d prefer me to remove this from the site.

On Playing:  For the most part the melody follows the major scale on the NAF, beginning on the second note from the bottom, which is easy-peasy! I doubled up on the very first two notes as the NAF can’t reach the lowest note of the song without having to transpose the whole thing into some crazy fingering; the same occurs with the last two notes of the first line of the second section for the same reason (Sometimes comfort outweighs 100% accuracy!) There is a nice peppy ‘pop’ up to the highest note and back which will exercise your breath control. Overall it’s a really pretty, simple little tune that I really enjoy playing :)

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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