Maleficent – Once Upon A Dream

PDF File Download: Maleficent – Once Upon A Dream NAF Tab

Original Composer: Adapted from Tchaikovsky’s ballet Sleeping Beauty; specifically the piece “Grande valse villageoise” (“The Garland Waltz”)

Technical notes: Requires use of half-holing on the bottom note, two upper register notes and multiple cross-fingerings. Play on an NAF in the key of D if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: Many will remember this song from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty back in 1959, sang by Beauty and the Prince as she meets him in the woods. With the release of the ‘pre-story’ film Maleficent in 2014 they included a cover during the ending credits of the film, sang to a wonderfully slow and dreamy effect by Lana Del Ray which left me scurrying to go and download the track right away! I hope to rework my tab soon to also include the lyrics.

On Playing: The half-hole is on the bottom-most note and always occurs in tandem with the note immediately above or below, so it’s easy to just roll your finger up or down to achieve it. The first few lines are fairly easy, however the next (But if I know you, I know what you’ll do…) gets a bit ‘jumpy’ with the fingerings, but at least the song is at a slow enough pace that you’ll have plenty of time to work out where you’re putting your fingers next! :)

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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