Gladiator – Now We Are Free [Lyrics]

PDF File Download: Gladiator – Now We Are Free [Lyrics] NAF Tab

Original Composer: Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard

Technical notes: Requires half-holing on the bottom note, two upper octave notes and one cross fingering. Play on an NAF in the key of F# if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: I promised a revision way back on my original tanscription of this beautiful song, and here it finally is! I think this is my first tab including lyrics, though it won’t be the last :)
The vocals throughout the soundtrack and on this particular song are sung by the incredible Lisa Gerrard. Many wonder what language Lisa sings in; it is in fact idioglossia – a language ‘made up’ by a person or people. This filmtracks page was immensely helpful during my research of the track – sadly, a lot of the links within the discussion are now broken, but there’s still a huge amount of interesting information concerning the song, the soundtrack and Lisa and Hans’ involvement.

On Playing: This is actually a pretty simple song to play on NAF. I don’t have Lisa Gerrard’s voice (Oh, if only!) so it gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to emulate it in some form :) The half hole occurs in tandem with the note directly above or below, so it’s easy to roll to/from it and the single cross-fingering is our most commonly used one. I’ve marked in the tab where repeats and lyric variations occur. The third segment, starting on the second page with ‘Da la-da…’ and it’s repeat is really up-beat, rapid run of notes, so definitely take this slow to start with. Luckily, after that segment the tempo of the whole song calms down so it’s plainer sailing, whew!
I’d say your biggest challenge is probably keeping track of ‘where’ you are in the song if you’re unfamiliar with it, since the lyrics aren’t recognisable words to use as your ‘landmarks.’ Your only solution to that is to get to know the track really well by listening to it repeatedly…I’m sure that’s no great hardship with such a beautiful song! ;)

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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