Devil May Cry 3 – Total Result

PDF File Download: Devil May Cry 3 – Total Result NAF Tab

Original Composers: Tetsuya Shibata & Kento Hasegawa

Technical notes: Requires use of half-holing on the bottom note, multiple cross-fingered notes, two upper octave notes (one maybe be out of range for some flutes.) Play on an NAF in the key of F if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: Oh man, the hours I spent on this game as a teenager! I’ve played the whole series over the years and loved it from the very first game, but DMC3 and it’s soundtrack was so well polished (especially after the awful second game…) it keeps me coming back over and over again, even now.
Fans of the series know you can always expect a rocking, heavy soundtrack with a Devil May Cry game, but this beautiful piano piece reprising the third game’s main theme was a beautiful moment of stillness and reflection after all the action and noise.

On Playing: I wasn’t all that sure this piece translated terribly well to NAF at first, since it’s all played on piano – the first segment still leaves me in doubt at times – but I think it improves as it goes along, so I decided to go ahead and upload it anyway :)
The first segment is repeated three times in the song – the first, is just notes and chords, some a little arpeggiated. The second repeat includes a little more accompaniment and the third builds on it yet again. The cross fingerings throughout are not our usual fare, and do tend to jump around a bit (first line of the second section is a good example of this.) The last section gets very ‘jumpy’ indeed from lower notes up to higher, but the track slows a little at this point which helps. The final note is very high, so not all flutes will be able to reach it successfully.

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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