The Tudors – A Historic Love

PDF File Download: The Tudors – An Historic Love NAF Tab

Original Composer: Trevor Morris

Technical notes: Requires use of two cross-fingerings, and half-holing on the bottom hole. Play on an NAF in the key of F if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: This music caught my attention the first time I watched the series for it’s similarity to ‘The Gael’ from The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. To clarify, this is not a transcription of the ‘melody’ in the track, but rather the cyclic background pattern played by the violins (which is where you’ll pick up the similarity to the aforementioned Gael.) The relevant segment starts just after 00:45 in the video below. It appears on the official Tudors soundtrack as track 7 ‘A Historic Love’ and also extended in track 25 ‘Wolsey Commits Suicide/Finale.’

On Playing: Oh boy…I make a habit of not choosing the easy ones! Once again I spent a long time doubting whether to upload this one since it didn’t transcribe to NAF brilliantly, but am going to forge ahead with my policy of uploading it anyway, just in case someone likes a challenge!
Half-holing occurs only on the bottom note, but the jump to it and indeed the jumps between many of the notes are large, awkward and feel unnatural. The cross fingerings, although not regularly used notes, are not particularly hard and where they occur in tandem are relatively easy to switch between.
Perhaps the main stumbling block, asides from all those others aforementioned (!) is the fact the whole piece runs very swiftly. I am sure with a lot of practice you could get this down smooth enough to play along to the original track, but it’s something I haven’t even managed myself yet! Take it real slow, a segment at a time, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on it if you want to learn this one!

Listen to the track on YouTube:


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