Westworld – Main Title Theme

PDF File Download: Westworld – Main Title Theme NAF Tab

Original Composers: Ramin Djawadi

Technical notes: Requires use of one cross-fingered note, and two upper octave notes. Play on an NAF in the key of A if you wish to accompany the original track.

About: Ramin’s done it again! Mr. Djawadi has treated us to yet another iconic opening theme for an epic HBO series :) I found it didn’t immediately hook me like the Game of Thrones main theme did with it’s distinctive beat, but rather came upon me a lot more subtly.  I love the elegant combination of piano and violin and it’s altogether darker feel. As to which of the two is my favourite…well, I couldn’t possibly choose! :)

On Playing: This one is really very straightforward to play. The first two lines are the slower beginning section before the track picks up a bit at approx 0:33s. You’ll notice one note in the fourth line is omitted with an ‘x’ as it fell outside the range of the NAF, so just pause for that beat. After the fifth line, the melody pauses whilst the piano descends with some discordant-sounding arpeggios and the violins pick up into a strong ‘galloping’ pattern before it resumes at around 1:05. The melody is very similar to where we left off; it repeats, expands and shifts up to higher notes (first two lines of second page) before the descending piano arpeggios appear again at 1:24 and we are left with the last, somewhat ominous sounding bottom note.

Listen to the theme on YouTube:


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