About Me

Hello! I’m Laura, a twenty-something amateur flute player from the UK.

I received my very first NAF for my birthday at around age 17 after developing an interest in Native American culture thanks to what remains one of my all-time favourite films, Dances with Wolves. Whilst reading about the many facets of Native life, I eventually came to the subject of music and by some happy chance discovered this wonderful instrument. I’ve played on and off in the years since then – at one point I sold my whole collection and didn’t play for a few years! – but took it up again in 2011 and in 2016 started to venture into other world flutes, starting with the Anasazi and Mojave flutes. There are so many more I still want to discover!

My only ‘official’ music experience comes from acoustic guitar lessons taken during my teens, a very brief dalliance with the violin a few years back, and then whatever other snippets I’ve picked up or taught myself along the way. I can understand the basics of traditional musical notation, but for the most part my music theory knowledge is utterly lousy and I simply go by ear. As such, the offerings on my site are presented as simple fingering diagrams which everyone can understand and use regardless of ‘proper’ musical knowledge and are much easier for me to produce!

My interest in film and game music started forming as a young adult; the first soundtrack I sat and actually listened to is the music from the Ridley Scott film Gladiator, though I can also well recall the impact the music from the Disney film The Lion King had on me as a child. (Both are Hans Zimmer soundtracks; coincidence…?!) Final Fantasy VI was my first significant game soundtrack, discovered when I first played the game in my early teens, and still remains very close to my heart.

Soundtracks aside, my favourite band OF ALL TIME!! is Muse <3
I also really enjoy the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I often say my Dad got me into Pink Floyd, and my Mum into Queen. But really, I’ll listen to just about anything. All of my many soundtracks live happily side-by-side with classical music, rock, pop, musicals, ambient music and all sorts of other things in my media library. It’s like one big happy family :)