Links are separated into four sections: NAF info, makers, players and other and each link will open in a new window.

Flute Information
The Flute Portal Forums – not just for NAF, the forums cater for all kinds of world flutes including Anasazi, Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Xiao, Ney, Dizi, Digeridoo and more!

Flute Makers
Please note this is simply a list of some of the most well known makers – just because I have included them here doesn’t necessarily mean I have played their flutes or can endorse them, but they have all have a good reputation within the NAF community.

UK flutemakers list
Anasazi Dreams – Mark Purtill
Ancient Territories  –  John Stillwell
Butch Hall  –  Butch & Laura Hall
Coyote Oldman Flutes  –  Michael Graham Allen
Douglas Thunderhorse: eBay page and Etsy Store
Fire Flutes – Craig Noss
High Spirits  –  Odell Borg
Kuzin Bruce
Laughing Crow Flutes  –  Richard Maynard
Spirit of the Woods  –  Ed Hrebec
Stellar Flutes  –  Tom, Erika, Matt & Lily Stewart
Woodland Voices  –  Colyn & Kitty Pearson

NAF Players & Artists
R. Carlos Nakai
Mary Youngblood
Mark Holland & Autumn’s Child
Jeff Ball
Robert Mirabal
Scott August
Allen Bruce Ray

Nature Sounds for .Me – Great little website where you can mix your own tracks using their various sound effects to listen to or download.Flute Tracks – Clint Goss’ website providing excellent backing tracks for various keys of flute, available either as a CD or MP3 download. Great fun and a wonderful way to expand your playing!

Audacity – my audio editor of choice. Free and very simple to use, a delight to work with.